Dryer vent cleaning deals

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We will never take shortcuts or rush through a job just to get to the next one. A proper air duct cleaning takes time and attention to detail. We only clean 2 houses per day to ensure the job is done properly. Our name says it all. This industry is much different than an industry like window cleaning. You are trusting us to do a job, and we take that job seriously.

We will explain our process to you and give you a true peace of mind service. We inspect all of our work and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Did you know that there are currently no regulations or certification for air duct cleaners in Canada? There is no association for standards and training in Canada, to us this makes no sense at all.


We would like to see that change one day, but for now we can only lead by example. We have set our standards for cleaning extremely high and we strive to raise the bar for the industry. There is a certain level of trust between a customer and an air duct cleaning company. The customer can not see inside their duct system so they trust the company to do the job properly. Our job is to clean and inspect your entire system, therefore we will create more access points to ensure that your system is completely clear of contaminants.

We take all steps necessary to keep your ducts under maximum negative pressure during cleaning.

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Basic compressed air cleaning has become the industry standard on Vancouver Island. While compressed air can do a good job at blowing the dust out of your vents, we are not satisfied with just good. With our complete cleaning package, we can guarantee a full restoration of your entire air handling system.


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If a fire is going to start, it starts in your dryer not your vent. Every home has a clothes dryer, but not many people think about the danger they can pose as a potential fire hazard.

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Each load of laundry you dry creates lint and the lint screen can only do so much to stop it from entering the vent. It is important to have your dryer and vent cleaned and inspected at least every couple of years. We also offer group discounts on dryer vent cleaning for stratas, condominiums and townhomes. Please call us for a free estimate or to arrange a site visit. Advanced Cleaning We maximize suction by using cleaning zones and use the industries most advanced tools to scrub your ducts before compressed air cleaning them.

No Hidden Fees We offer a flat rate service that is all inclusive. No Cheap Equipment We only use the industries most advanced brushes and agitation devices to ensure your system is fully clear of any contaminants. No Rushed Jobs How long did your last duct cleaning take? Transparency Our name says it all. Clairity - Clean Air Specialists. Gary Vossepoel 20 Sep Thank you so much for checking the dryer vent and cleaning it.

The fire hazard was there and now it is not. Our furnace and ducts are wonderfully clean. Katie Anne McGowan 06 Sep It just means that you need to perform your own due diligence before hiring any air duct cleaning company to service your vents. The mold inspection scam works like this: You will receive a coupon for air duct cleaning that states they will provide you with a free mold inspection in addition to the low cost duct cleaning service they offered.

And guess what? After performing the inspection, they always find mold. Additionally, sometimes those companies will even bring fake tests with them to convince you that you do in fact have mold. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

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Air duct cleaning is not as cheap of a service as those low cost offers would have you believe. If you think about it, no company would be able to stay in business if they actually performed their services at such a low price.

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With this scam, you will receive a coupon for a very low cost air duct cleaning service. Once the vent cleaning company arrives at your home, they will pretend to clean your air ducts by only cleaning the part of your vents you can see. This type of service will only leave your vents in worse shape than if you had done nothing at all because no deep vent cleaning was performed.

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The best way to protect yourself from air duct cleaning scams is to make sure the company you hire is properly lice nsed and insured in the state of Michigan and that their license number is clearly stated on their website. Additionally, the State also requires any person who accesses commercial or residential ductwork to have a category 3 mechanical contractors license, before they are allowed to clean your air ducts; otherwise, they will be considered to be operating illegally.

A few other things you can do to protect yourself from unscrupulous air duct cleaning companies is to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as any online and offline reviews and testimonials that are available.

Dryer vent cleaning deals
Dryer vent cleaning deals
Dryer vent cleaning deals
Dryer vent cleaning deals
Dryer vent cleaning deals

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