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Connect the Nine Community Bike Ride. April 4, Always wanted to ride across the Industrial Canal bridge on my bike and figured it would not be as frightening in a group, so I signed up! Also folks wishing to save The Wetlands!!!! Met a guy whose childhood was spent in The Swamps there before the opening of MR GO caused the water to turn the wrong kind of saline for cypress trees and the like and the Great Cypress Swamp died. I felt welcomed! As did my new friends:. Check it out some time! It's a Lips Recommendation!

Had never explored this part of New Orleans and decided to finally find Fats Domino's house. I remember being told that he inexplicably built a "mansion in the ghetto":.

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I have a feeling that a lot of the neighboring houses were taken out by Hurricane Katrina's "aftermath" as I observed many vacant lots while biking around. Found the only restaurant in the neighborhood, Cafe Dauphine and enjoyed an excellent oyster po'boy and an Abita Strawberry beer yeah, it's girl-stuff, I know. Met the co-owner whose husband's family grew up on that street and they opened up after the "Federal Flood.


Another Lips Recommendation! Had never seen the two historic "Gothic Steamboat" homes in person so it was a big day of firsts as I also checked out the new Make It Right Foundation a la Brad Pitt houses and enjoyed the country life across the Canal from downtown New Orleans.

The return trip across the bridge presented a bit of a challenge Hence the pushing for a more "friendly" bridge to Connect the Nine!

Hope it happens soon--I scoped out some nice houses with large yards in case we ever want to leave The Garden District:. A pink house with a huge yard! Easter Sunday. April 5, Her superb singing and accompaniment by Paul David Longstreth and drummer was so inspiring and uplifting! She has been back at home in Norway since last year so it was great to see her and her husband, "Fuzzy," a very nice Norwegian.

My throws in my bike basket. Michael went home but I went to wait for my friend Jewels Sidiropoulous who was arriving from San Francisco where she had attended Sam Andrew's Memorial that's how we met, in Houston--we both played with him. Ran into Page who had received a giant carrot as a throw! Hadn't seen Jewels since ish and it was great catching up, having a snort or two at Bar Tonique: on Rampart gearing up for the Gay Easter Parade which despite the streetcar construction: we enjoyed immensely.

Had to have one more cocktail!!! April 7, Dinner with Jewels. Had a coupon and wanted to treat Jewels to dinner. Jewels, of course, found some friends from Australia at the next table! April 8, Kermit Ruffins, Lafayette Square. Met up with Jewels and we enjoyed New Orleans' Ambassador, Kermit, partyin' New Orleans Style, which included calling all the ladies up to the stage to dance and we jumped the barricades, much to the chagrin and consternation of the security "professionals" actually amateurs as they were volunteers!

Great show as usual and we got to talk with him and get autographs afterwards. Love him! April 9, French Quarter Festival. What a blast.

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New Orleans Royalty for certain! Great evening of song and merriment with my Australian Chum! April 10, Arrived early and got a spot right up front. Was fun to turn Jewels on to them--she loved it and them! Me, too! April 11, Had to put my festivity plans on hold as my Super Honey took sick and we had to go to the Ochsner E.

Apparently it was very serious and they were surprised that he lived. Praise God and all the folks that prayed with me! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Friends and Family. Such a scary, scary time. April 18, We were very relieved to get him home where he can recover.

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Praise God, we are jubilant! Leading forth with Thanksgiving! April 24, Jimmie was on his 3rd song, "Floodin' Down in Texas," and we were all groovin' to the Max, when the stage announcer called the concert due to lightning. We all got kicked out. I was grieved over this most heartily April 25, God Bless her, Mark, and all her Loved Ones, of which there were many!

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Miss you, Pat. God Love you! May 1, Spent another hairy scary week with Michael at Ochsner. He came through it thanks to all those prayers, his medical team at Ochsner and The Good Lord looking after him! Thank you, Lord!

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Bless all who were with me in Prayer. Thank you Guruatma for the long-distance healings! Bless you all very much! May 15, We dedicated our show this evening to Mark's wife, Pat, who made her transition April 25, Jewels met some folks and had been staying at a St. Charles Ave. Sean was kind enough to open the show with a few of his wonderful tunes. What a night! So much fun, so much love! Matt D'Orazio on the drums, and his sweet wife, Melissa, came up and sang "Fever. Thank you to all! Blessings Abound! So happy that My Honey stayed on this side of the Veil!

May 16, Found out that her nephew was the talented musician that died so young! She was so kind and gracious to us, inviting us back for the night of Walter Wolfman Washington's band later. Was very happy to show them the inside of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club where the brass band was entertaining. We had a couple of Purple Hazes and went across the street to the largest religious candle shop anywhere.

Scored a Divine Justice flame and lit it at the construction spot for the Planned Parenthood facility on Claiborne, but not before taking a detour to the Lower Nine, visiting the wetlands rebirth and savoring a po'boy and a Abita Strawberry at Cafe Dauphine. Had a ball with them! Love them both so much! May 22, The Greek Fest. I figured that if I went Friday night I would get all that dancing and Retsina out of my system.

Tried to meet up with Jewels, but she was hooked into the Greek Community and was blasted since no-one was around to help me drink that resin-inspired grape. Jewels was slated to perform the next day, but I pooped out on her. The photos looked great though so I was sorry to have missed it. May 27, Irma Thomas at Lafayette Square. A superb performance by the Soul Queen of New Orleans. Just recently saw something where Allen Toussaint said that he hears her voice in his head--it's always rock steady and clear.

She is FAB!!!! Time is on her side! As well as we Fans. May 29, Caught up with them at St. Charles Tavern where they were having a fried seafood festival and some Abita on tap! Great to see Steve and Luke was alright!!! Chas Ave. And she cooked for days for it! Michael got out which was nice as he has been recuperating and taking it slow. May 30, Dave and Luke had a lot to talk about from the early Austin days of the band The Sluts, as Dave was in that band in the early 80s. Have no fear of losing your small picture; :t will be returned in as good order aft received.

You will get an unheard-of bargain by availing yourself of this grand offer, and we are glad to be able to give it to yon. We can copy from any photos, large or small. It is to make a beautilul. Three- Quarter iife-sim Enl? In eider that eveo: reader of the "W?

Well, we :ue told by many of our readen who have b. You will find fall InstmcUo"s for obfajum tl,.? They re equal to Illmst Photcjgrapruo costing from five to ten times th" amount wo charge. Take no uther. The Jlasgow pig iron warrant market has irnprovl2. E, Md? A 5 ;t;. Lhw tM. Bessemer steel? I and Nominal qnotati 8 were: -Por IC 14 x 20 Beemer steej ,? IC '20 x 28 B"? Cane sugar: Tlie supplies continue small, and prices are well maintained, with a fair inquiry. Tate's quotationsCrvtals o. Cffee: Elephant berry continues steady, and held is idle and nominal; iransit value remains-at.

C'V'oa f? Bice: Sp? Yt,,rd im- port— bag-: Snigon. Sago flour continues steady It 9s to 9s 3d pr ,t.. Canary pesd has rather more Spot 'nntnHe b"' of "'upplic, and f,r?

Castor ,ii s low—Cal- cutta, 2d st,r,: Nf,drt? Ud store, and French,? Stettin 25s; ran.. Turpentine firm—spot. Resin firmommon to fine, 4s to 8s 9d per cwt. Bacon: Rumours of heavy shipments from the other side cause buyers speculative account to pause in their operations, but. Cumberland cut m;dd]es are again eroeptjonal. Hams: Soot parcels firmly held for extremo j rate owing ti!

Lard h7llrl51;htrr;;n;hern m::i. H dporkte ij yat former values. W37 Ij. Od 1,,? M to 30 1 Sbotildern, N. IJ to 0. At the Baltic to-day, on the dYance in Ameri- C ,n. Rosario, offered at 25" 7;d Maize seady-I bidding for prompt Danube, and 18 for Bessarabiaii. Oats quiet—London paid 14s 6d fJr white Canadian, ptcmr shipment. Saturday from Messrs.

Lucy Brothers' report r-Vcry small supply of E! Foreign quiet—American hMd 6d, other sorts 3 advance Bf? Maize un- h"n,1 Oat. Limit's, OUT mnrket to-day wheat. Saturday—Beef firm, and quiet: fit, or no fresh? Superfine firkins, " fine mild. S,i:,Ii,s, -T,?? Quotations: :s.

Is to 2s; live cod, 3. Quotations —.? Piorcy and Co. Prices remain at about the same level a for some time past. The affQnnts from the plantations continue sati-f. Quota- tions. Rhondda, "t yd, and Aberdars C.?. A, 10S, '? Zs 3d, 1. Pelts: 2,. L Ild and 6d. Fat: Best.?? H,,r, hii? Fa I: Mutton, 2d; beef, lid: roD. Hd; "t. Pelts: B 1, A 2s. Fcfn arci nrice to Thursday. Lambs: B Is ad, A 2s 3d. Fat: Mutton. Calcutta 51 4 10 38 6 10 7 Flour, ,-tbnr Tie 56 4 H I 1 2 71 ifivermee — I ;j 2 6 The above prices except of1icaal a'VaC. TRenter's Telegram. International Stocks generally lost fractions at the opening, owing to the depression in London; the bears afterwards sold the market down, and worked Grangers a point or more bcJow yesterday's C OiJ1g.

Government and Railroad Bonds were firm. Money steady; sterling excbar. Silver bar, unchanged. The imrvorts of merchandise into New York during the past week amounted in value to 9. The -I-kll r? Cotton niJ quiet—crude, nominal: yr:lnw. Sn-'ar firm at 1t rRtes.

Cnff hM featureless and closed dull; snot inactive. Iron steady. Conner firm. Bit 1;9 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago. J '0 Do. Of Deal f.

newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15
newspaper coupons 3/1/15 Newspaper coupons 3/1/15

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