Military families expired coupons

This is not a tax deductible charity.

Military Coupons: donate expired coupons for military

This is a patriotic charity. You are supporting the service person and their family by sending coupons that you do not use, and all of the extra ones that you can find, to them. Our military service families appreciate your assistance. Our charity is run at the most, by just a few volunteers and often by just one. We have no donations and no budget. Our volunteers spend a lot of their free time and personal funds to support this worthy cause and care very much about it. Please keep in mind that we also have personal lives that require our attention.

At times we may be absent to attend to personal affairs and not get right back to you but we have not abandoned the program. We will be back soon. Please be patient. For information on the program please read the site. So, if any one is interested I could give my APO address to receive the coupons, and I sure could not use all of them I just have a family of 2, but I would disperse them between the ladies in my church families I know they would appreciate them and most of them have between children.

Advertisement If you are interested email me cdb AT yahoo. Thanks, Christy. Can someone give me the address to send expired coupons to the military families? I have moved and lost my contact. Many thanks. By D B White. CouponsToTroops can help put you in touch with a military family who is stationed overseas and looking for coupons. Just send an email to them at admin couponstotroops. How do I send expired coupons to troops overseas for their use?

By couponrobyn. Overseas coupon program gives you a list of all the bases and their addresses overseas that accept expired coupons. They also let you know which bases are in need of more coupons and which ones are receiving more than enough so that you can choose to send them where they are most needed. ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities on the Internet.

These are archives of older discussions. I have lots of coupons and am willing to mail them to a military base or individual military families overseas. I can mail every month.

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My first package went out about a week and a half ago. I am trying to find military families that would be interested in receiving expired coupons. I know that these families can use the coupons 6 months outside of the expiration date, but I do not know of any families that can use them.

How to send coupons to the troops overseas

I would rather send them to individuals than to a military group so I can send what each family needs. Please email me if you can help. Sending expired coupons to our troops. This is the link to a great site that explains all about how, what and where to send.

Donating expired coupons to the military

I gave the web site a brief scan and didn't find the expiration date mentioned. Under "How do I participate" you will find: "The cheapest way to send your coupons is via "Parcel Post.

I know it is time consuming to clip all those coupons; I must confess I've been putting it off. Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure they will. In fact, even if they haven't expired when you send them, many will probably be expired by the time they get there. I am clipping all the coupons I run across.

The response to ocpnet has been tremendous. In fact, overwhelming. Please do not send large amounts of coupons to Vicenza, Italy. We receive far more than could be used by many small cities over , per month! Thank you to all who have contributed for your willingness and hard work. Our community does appreciate it. How do we adopt a base? I have been trying to get a response from OCP. I have filled in adoption request form and have hundreds of clipped coupons ready to go. Does anyone know other organizations I can contact?

I really do want to help and sure don't want to see these coupons go to waste. Thanks for your ideas.


I read in a Woman's World magazine that this site will find a military base that will distribute coupons I do not use or need. I would like to know how to go about this. I work in an adult training facility for the mentally retarded and we would like to take this on as a project. Please give me information.

We are located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Thanks for any help you can give me. Tina Pahula. Add to Page Ask a Question. Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. By Marjorie [82 Posts, 1, Comments]. May 24, 0 found this helpful.

How the Military Can Benefit From Your Old Coupons

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Military families expired coupons
Military families expired coupons
Military families expired coupons
Military families expired coupons
Military families expired coupons

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